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Complete Office Cleaning Services Canton MA

Complete Office Cleaning Services

Our focus in cleaning is to provide you and your employees with Peace of Mind: Foremost on everyone’s mind is sanitization and disinfection. Our cleaners follow CDC protocol when delivering services to our clients.


Save Time, Effort, and Resources Through Our Office Cleaning Services in Canton, MA

Affordable Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is one of the most reliable and experienced office cleaning services in Canton, MA. 

We provide businesses in the region with some of the most extensive services that help them save more money and time and reduce the need to hire in-house cleaning professionals and buy cleaning supplies and tools.

We provide regular cleaning and maintenance and one-time deep cleaning at some of the most highly-competitive commercial cleaning rates. We’ve worked in small offices, large commercial buildings, storefronts, and many other locations.

Set up an appointment with our team to learn more about our services and get a custom estimate for our office cleaning services in Canton, MA, and surrounding areas.


Canton Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services include:

Complete Office Cleaning

Rest Room Sanitization

Vinyl Tile Floor Refinishing

Ceramin and Speciality Stone Cleaning


Day Porter

"Touch-point' Disinfection

Ceramin and Speciality Stone Cleaning

Other Services offered by Affordable Cleaning Solutions, Inc.:

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Commercial & Office Cleaning

*If We Can’t Clean It, Nobody Can Clean It.*

*Affordable Cleaning Solutions has received the Covid-19 Prevention Certification by the American House Cleaners Association.*