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A professional cleaner uses a vacuum to clean a floor.

The Benefits of Using HEPA Filters in Vacuums While Cleaning

There are over 85,000 chemicals that can act as allergens and irritants in the environment, making it incredibly difficult for most people to get by without some kind of exposure.

It’s vital that we focus on cleaning and taking care of our clients’ workspaces and homes, which is why we use EPA Registered products and appliances such as HEPA vacuums for all office and house cleaning in Canton, MA.

But what makes these appliances so special, and what are the benefits of HEPA filters in vacuums? Let’s find out:

They trap dust particles in a very fine, sturdy filter

One of the benefits of a HEPA filter in a vacuum is that it will trap all kinds of dust particles and dirt in a very finely meshed fabric. This ensures that these particles can’t escape and make their way back into the environment. It’s incredibly well-designed and intended to keep all kinds of allergens out of your environment.

Commercial vacuums trap all kinds of pollutants

These vacuums also trap all kinds of pollutants and allergens where used. This includes dust, dander, pet and human hairs, and even smoke. This ensures that no remnants are left behind and that your space is free of allergens, irritants, and pollutants that cause all kinds of respiratory diseases, reactions, and issues.

A woman holds a vacuum while unloading supplies from the tool.

They catch viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores

A major benefit of using HEPA filters in vacuums is that they work for sanitization too. They don’t just trap dust and dander but also more sinister irritants like viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores that contribute to various health conditions.

It’s why we use HEPA filters for all sanitizing and disinfecting services, ensuring that your home or office space is safe to use.

They significantly improve air quality in your spaces

As a result of the above, these filters significantly improve the air quality in your spaces. You’ll be able to breathe easier and more freely, experience fewer health concerns, and enjoy a cleaner environment for a long time.

We specialize in commercial and residential cleaning services in Canton, MA, ensuring that we use high-quality tools and cleaning supplies for all the work we do. We know the benefits of HEPA vacuums and ensure that your spaces are free of allergens, irritants, and more. Get in touch with our company to learn more about our cleaning services, and hire our team!