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A cleaner wipes down a cabinet surface with a cloth.

Common Areas of Your Home You Forget to Clean

Your home can look spotless on the surface, with everything in its place, and be functional, but there are some very common areas that most homeowners either never notice or fail to clean as part of their routine maintenance.

You might be surprised to know some of these hidden and not-so-hidden spots that are easy to miss when cleaning your home, which is why it helps to bring on experienced professional residential cleaners in Raleigh, MA, to lend a helping hand. Here’s what they are:

Wall skirting, baseboards, windowsills, and doorframes

Far too many homeowners are guilty of missing out on these areas because we don’t pay obvious attention to them. Your wall skirting tends to collect dust; baseboards are prone to getting grimy, while door frames and window sills also get dirty, stained, and dusty. It’s important to clean not just on top but also under these features to get rid of all dust and dirt.

Under and inside furniture and seating

You’d be horrified to learn just how dirty your couch is and how you’re missing out if you’re not regularly getting it cleaned. Your couch not only collects dirt and dust, but also tons of bacteria, crumbs, particles, and all kinds of irritants that settle into the upholstery. This is why it’s essential to clean under and even inside furniture, especially seating, or contact a trusted professional deep-cleaning service to thoroughly clean behind, under, and around larger furniture items.

A spotless, clean kitchen with white counters and a sink.


Behind appliances such as your fridge

Your appliances also tend to hide and collect a lot of dirt, moisture, grime, and dust that can be hard to reach and clean, which is why we do that for you. When cleaning your home and kitchen, we will move your refrigerator and other appliances to remove any dirt and buildup under or behind them, allowing them to operate safely and keep your home functional.

Toilet bowls and under the bathroom sink

Another common culprit that goes unnoticed is your toilet bowl and bathroom sink. These areas are incredibly vulnerable to build up, bacteria, and many viruses, which is why our team makes sure to scrub under them and clean them thoroughly using EPA-grade products.

Ensure your house is thoroughly cleaned with our house cleaning services in Raleigh, MA, and bring our team in for specialized professional house cleaning services such as bathroom or kitchen cleaning too. We provide commercial and residential cleaningservices in Canton,  and many other cities in the region, and we’ll provide you with an estimate.