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A person uses a tissue while sniffling due to allergies.

Deep Cleaning Tips to Prevent Allergies This Season: A Guide

Allergy season is here in full swing, and it’s going to stick around for a few more months before things calm down, which means you’re bound to experience symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, post-nasal drip, irritation, and more.

However, many of these issues can be dealt with through thorough cleaning and maintenance around the home. You’d be surprised at how much a dirty home can contribute toward allergies, which is why we recommend the following deep cleaning tips and advice to minimize this issue:

Reduce clutter that traps dust, dirt, mites, and more

One of the best deep cleaning tips to reduce allergens in your home is to reduce clutter. Unnecessary items left out in the open or crowding your storage spaces tend to collect dust, dirt, dust mites, dander, and more, triggering your allergies like never before. The fewer items you have in your home, the easier it gets to clean and manage them.

Wear a mask while you clean your house

Whether you’re dusting surfaces in your home, vacuuming that dirty carpet, or scrubbing down your baseboards, wear a mask. You’d be surprised at how much dust and pollen, and dander you inhale when you’re cleaning, and something as extensive as deep cleaning is bound to release a lot of trapped dirt.

A person wears gloves while cleaning to minimize allergies and irritation.


Wash all pillowcases, bedsheets, and other linen

Alongside all the other deep cleaning tips and strategies you typically follow, be sure to focus on getting your linens and upholstery as clean as possible. You should wash all your pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers, couch covers, cushions, and other items thoroughly to get rid of skin cells, dust mites, crumbs, trapped pollen, and dust before you begin using them again.

Bring in professional deep cleaning services for ease

Deep cleaning your home when you’re struggling with allergies and irritation can be quite challenging, which is why it helps to bring in professionals. We offer deep cleaning services that will target hidden areas of your home, from your bedroom to your kitchen, helping to remove bacteria, contaminants, and irritants that are triggering your allergies. You can get services that are tailored to your needs and find out how to make them more efficient.

House cleaning services in Stoughton, MA, can really help you minimize flare-ups and allergic reactions from dust, dander, bacteria, and other irritants and contaminants. Reach out to us if you’re interested in our specialty residential cleaning services, including deep cleaning, basement cleaning, and more.